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FUNDAPEN Information


Key Facts
• FREE EpiPen® auto-injectors will be available through the FundaPen initiative on an unrestricted basis to eligible patients from Monday 24 February, 2020.
• Eligible patient = ANY allergy patient doctor-diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis
• 1 EpiPen® per eligible patient.
• The exclusive distributor is AllergyPharmacy.co.nz.

1. Patients eligible for this offer, need to be doctor-diagnosed with an allergy that puts them at risk of anaphylaxis.
2. Each recipient needs to receive training and education in the use of the EpiPen® and management of their allergy to avoid anaphylaxis.
3. Each EpiPen® prescribed under this initiative needs to be supplied at a fixed cost to Allergy New Zealand. That is, single point of distribution = single pharmacy.
4. Only one FREE EpiPen® is available per eligible patient.

PLEASE NOTE: Allergy Pharmacy will dispense each EpiPen® BACK TO THE GP who prescribed it under this FundaPen programme, NOT directly to the patient.
Your ‘local’ Pharmacy can not fulfil the prescription.

1. The GP establishes that the patient is clinically eligible for FundaPen.
2. The GP completes the patient’s prescription for an EpiPen® as usual.
3. Please clearly write “FundaPen” on the prescription facsimile, or in the subject line of your emailed prescription to ensure we can demonstrate the impact of this initiative. Please note emailed prescriptions should be sent to info@queenstownpharmacy.co.nz
4. Please include the patient’s weight on the prescription so that the correct Epipen® is dispensed. (As per ASCIA guidelines more than 20kg qualifies the patient for an Adult Epipen® auto-injector regardless of age).
5. Please Fax the completed prescription to Allergy Pharmacy: 03-441-0591.
6. Or Email the completed prescription to Allergy Pharmacy: info@queenstownpharmacy.co.nz
7. Please post a hard copy of the prescription to Allergy Pharmacy, PO Box 157, Queenstown.
8. Allergy Pharmacy assesses that the prescription meets the FundaPenä qualification criteria and dispenses the EpiPen® to the prescribing GP* (3 day delivery time is normal).
9. GP receives the EpiPen® and contacts the patient to return for training and dispensing.
10. Your patient receives training, their EpiPen® and allergy collateral from your practice.
*We note that some patients will find a second appointment to pick up their FundaPen challenging. However, the dispensing pharmacy is required to ensure adequate training and education regarding Epipen® management is provided to the patient.

Not-for-profit & community based, Allergy NZ provides independent support & resources for people with allergies

EpiPen® is a registered trademark of Mylan Inc. Mylan Inc. does not sponsor or endorse the products referenced on this website.
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