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EpiPen® Jr Supply Issue: There is currently a stock shortage due to manufacturing delays. To manage the issue Mylan has put supply constraints in place which all distributors of the EpiPen® Jr including Allergy Pharmacy must follow.

Supply is restricted to patients with a new diagnosis who do not have an EpiPen® Jr, or to patients who have an EpiPen® Jr expired (expiry is the last day of the month) or recently used. We can only supply one EpiPen® Jr per person during this time. 

Please note EpiPen® (0.3mg) is unaffected by the shortage.

We will keep you updated when we have more information from Mylan. Thank you for your understanding.

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I'm allergic to eggs, nuts and dairy - kid's allergy alert t-shirt
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I'm allergic to milk - kid's allergy alert t-shirt
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Dairy Free - kid's allergy alert t-shirt
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Not-for-profit & community based, Allergy NZ provides independent support & resources for people with allergies

EpiPen® is a registered trademark of Mylan Inc. Mylan Inc. does not sponsor or endorse the products referenced on this website.
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