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Young skin requires special care, especially if prone to dryness or ecezma.  We have sourced a range of products formulated especially for children.  Sometimes it can take a bit of trial-and-error to find the right product for each child.  Samples are available for some products, inquire via the contact page.
XmaEase Skin Cream
NZ $26.95
Incl GST
Rhino Repair
NZ $13.95
Incl GST
Trilogy Everything Balm
NZ $21.70
Incl GST
Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream
NZ $16.99
Incl GST
Bepanthen Ointment
NZ $11.50
Incl GST
Botanica Baby Balm
NZ $16.99
Incl GST
QV Kids Balm
NZ $14.99
Incl GST
PURE Papaya Ointment
NZ $13.99
Incl GST
Lucas Papaw Ointment
NZ $10.99
Incl GST
Gilly's Skin Balm
NZ $36.90
Incl GST

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