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02 Super Hydrating Tube
Dermalab Hydrating

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Epipen trainer/practice pen

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Oilatum Plus

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Skin MD Shielding Lotion

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Sensitive Choice Products

Sensitive Choice® helps you make choices that may help you manage your asthma and allergies more effectively. Learn More
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Cuddle with Confidence

Asthma & allergy friendly toys, an ideal choice for those concerned with reducing the levels of dust mites etc around children

Epipen/Anapen Carry Cases

Keep your emergency medicine with you all the time with one of these specially designed carry cases.
The inside of a parked car on a sunny day can reach 50oin just 30 min - don't leave your epipen/anapen in the car!
Epipen Jnr tiny
oats 85
Try adding some rolled oats in a muslin bag to your bath for soothing soak.

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allergypharmacy.co.nz is operated by Queenstown Pharmacy Ltd, a NZ registered pharmacy owned and operated by qualified pharmacists.  All medicines are sourced from the legitimate NZ supplier.  Safe use of medicines is important to us. 

Pharmacists are available 7 days a week to discuss your medicine queries.


Not-for-profit & community based, Allergy NZ provides independent support & resources for people with allergies
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