About Us

Welcome to Allergy Pharmacy, New Zealand's specialist online allergy shop.
We stock a full range of allergy supplies from medicines and EpiPens to Miteguard bedding and allergy friendly teddies, as well as a large range of natural products. Because life isn't all about medicines and moisturisers we have also sourced a wonderful assortment of allergy friendly gifts, making it easy to find something special for those in your life with allergies.
We know that life can be very busy just taking care of day-to-day admin, and adding in allergies and eczema can add more tasks to an already full schedule. We also understand the high costs that allergy sufferers can face, so our goal is to ensure that your allergy care is affordable, accessible, fast and easy.  
We welcome all your comments, positive or negative. If there are items you are looking for that you can't find just let us know... after all we are here to help! 
We hope that you will enjoy looking through website and we look forward to assisting you where we can.
Kind regards, 
The allergypharmacy.co.nz team