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Current EpiPen® Expiry Dates: 

EpiPen® Adult 300mcg: End of JAN 2020
EpiPen® Junior 150mcg: End of NOV 2019
Current Anapen Expiry Dates:

Anapen 300mcg: Unavailable with no ETA
Anapen 150mcg: Unavailable with no ETA

Here's what you need to know:

The devices have not changed, just the instructions on the label, which now include:
Shorter injection time - NOW THREE SECONDS instead of ten. This is based on research delivery of adrenaline in 3 seconds.
REMOVAL OF THE MASSAGE STEP after the injection. This has been found to reduce the risk of tissue irritation.
EpiPen®s with a TEN second label can continue to be used and do not need to be replaced unless they have been used or have expired.
All EpiPen®s can now be held in place for THREE seconds, regardless of the instructions on the label. However, if they are held for 10 seconds it will not affect the way that the adrenaline works.
EpiPen® and EpiPen®Jr adrenaline auto-injectors with new instruction label will start to be available in NZ over the next few weeks

StarAllergyAlert Auto-Injector/Medical Case
NZ $45.00 NZ $35.00 Save NZ $10.00 Incl GST
Medipod Case
NZ $25.00
Incl GST
Rescue Shot Case
NZ $24.90
Incl GST
Medpac Insulated Large
NZ $39.95
Incl GST
Purple Flower Rubber Medical ID Bracelet
Allerbling Full Kit
NZ $35.00
Incl GST
Allerbling Charms
NZ $5.95
Incl GST

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