Why don't EpiPens have longer dating?

EpiPen's are imported from the United States. The internal vial with the active ingredient (adrenaline) is produced in one manufacturing plant and then transferred and assembled into the pen device in another location and facility within the United States. It is then shipped to Australia. Once received into Australia, the NZ stock requirement is re-consigned and shipped over to New Zealand. The time span between initial manufacturing/assembling and then receipt into NZ is an accumulation of transit times as well as the processes and protocols required to be followed at each point of the distribution chain.
The internal adrenaline vial within EpiPen is originally manufactured with a shelf life of 20 months. By the time stock is received into NZ however, the best dating most typically received will be between 12 & 15 months. We always hold the best available dated Epipen's in New Zealand as we acknowledge that the EpiPen's are expensive and we want to give our customers the best value for money that we can.  

How should I store my EpiPen?

In a cool dark place at room temperature, between 15-25°C, but not refrigerated, as temperatures below 15°C may damage the injector mechanism. In an insulated wallet if a person carrying a device is outside for an extended time in the heat (such as hiking or at the beach). Where they are readily available and not in a locked cupboard.

How should I dispose of my expired EpiPen?

You can take your EpiPen to any pharmacy for safe disposal. You may also wish to use your expired EpiPen for training purposes (e.g. by safely injecting the device into a citrus fruit such as an orange).

Are EpiPen funded on prescription?

Yes!  As of the 1st of February 2023 two EpiPens will be funded per prescription if you are at risk of or have experienced anaphylaxis. If your EpiPen is about to expire or you have used it, you can get another prescription for two more EpiPens. All you need to do is visit your doctor for a prescription, they will check you  meet the criteria and apply for a Special Authority number for you (this is what grants you the funding). You can then fill your prescription at any pharmacy nationwide free of charge (there may be a part charge if your prescription is written by a specialist) just like you would for any other prescription.

Can I stop by your warehouse and buy my EpiPen directly from you?

Allergypharmacy.co.nz is run from our small community pharmacy, Queenstown Pharmacy where our friendly staff are always willing to help. If you are in Queenstown you are most welcome to come and purchase directly from the pharmacy, or just pop in for a chat.  You can find us just below the Gondola at the corner of Brecon and Isle Streets (next to Queenstown Medical Centre). We are an independent business so do not have branches in other parts of the country.