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Current EpiPen® Expiry Dates: 

EpiPen® Adult 300mcg: End of JUN 2018
EpiPen® Junior 150mcg: End of MAY 2018
Current Anapen Expiry Dates:

Anapen 300mcg: Unavailable with no ETA
Anapen 150mcg: Unavailable with no ETA

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Epipen customers, thank you for your patience. Please see this notice issued by Mylan NZ about a recall of two batches of Adult Epipen. Please share with anyone you think may be affected. If you have an Epipen with either of the batch numbers 5FA665 or 5FA6652 please email us on contact@allergypharmacy.co.nz

StarAllergyAlert Auto-Injector/Medical Case
NZ $45.00 NZ $35.00 Save NZ $10.00 Incl GST
Medipod Case
NZ $25.00
Incl GST
Rescue Shot Case
NZ $24.90
Incl GST
Medpac Insulated Large
NZ $39.95
Incl GST
Medpac Large
NZ $34.50
Incl GST
Medpac Insulated Standard
NZ $29.95
Incl GST
FRIO Cooling case
NZ $39.99
Incl GST
NZ $24.50
Incl GST
Allerbling Full Kit
NZ $35.00
Incl GST
Allerbling Charms
NZ $6.00
Incl GST
Vital ID Medical Wristbands
NZ $23.99
Incl GST

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