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Sensitive Choice


Sensitive Choice® is a programme created by the National Asthma Council Australia to help you make choices that may help you manage your asthma and allergies more effectively.

Sensitive Choice® helps you identify companies that are committed to reducing asthma and allergy triggers.

Why make a “Sensitive Choice”?

Kiwis need to be aware of the importance of self-managing their asthma and how a few simple steps can significantly reduce the potential for triggering asthma. The Sensitive Choice® programme encourages manufacturers and suppliers to provide products and services that may benefit people with asthma and their families and friends.
The butterfly logo will help you make informed lifestyle choices that may help improve outcomes regarding asthma and allergies. 

Why a butterfly?

The butterfly was chosen as a symbol that people instantly recognise as being “better for the environment” and a “better choice for allergy and asthma”. Of all the symbols associated with asthma and allergies the simple butterfly offered the best response from consumers for the following reasons: the moving wings are symbolic of the lungs it is a gentle and sensitive creature it flies best in fresh air.

Where will I see the butterfly symbol?

Sensitive Choice New Zealand  has a formal review process to assess company proposals and their products.  This review process is conducted in conjunction with the National Asthma Council. If accepted, the butterfly symbol is awarded. 

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